World Book Day

5 March, 2010

Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing (BQFP) will offer materials and resources via this website for parents, teachers, and community organizations to create unique reading centered events for all ages

Qatar is the second country in the Middle East to officially affiliate and observe World Book Day, a UNESCO established international celebration of books. Every year this is marked on April 23 outside of the UK and Ireland (which observe it on March 5th).

Why World Book Day?

Supporting events like W.B.D. is important in the overall mission of promoting reading enjoyment amongst all ages in Qatar. It's a chance for bookshops, publishers, schools, and community members to come together in support of books and the love of reading.

Pilot Project: School Competition for Grade One

Schools may register to participate in the BQFP event on April 23rd. Click here for registration page. Schools must register by initiative of the classroom teacher. This year only grade one classes are eligible.

Draw details: There will be grade one classroom in each of the following categories invited to the BQFP event. Categories include:

  • Independent school, boys
  • Independent school, girls
  • Private/International
  • Government, boys
  • Government, girls

Schools can register starting on February. Registration closes on March 15, 2010.

What Can I Do?

Talk to schools and teachers you may know, as well as community groups, to suggest planning an event on April 23. See link for programming ideas.



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