Author: Ahmed Mourad
ISBN: 9789992142660
Format: Hardback
Published: July 2011
Price: £11.99/QR75



  • A bestseller in Arabic now available in English
  • A compelling page-turner about life in Mubarak’s Egypt


A tense thriller that exposes contemporary Egypt and Cairo’s seedy nightlife, Vertigo has attracted critical acclaim and has been reprinted several times in Arabic. Ahmed, a society photographer in a celebrated Cairo nightclub, witnesses a friend horrifically killed in a fight between young business rivals. Forced to escape the scene of the crime and go into hiding, Ahmed is ensnared in a web of cover- ups and crimes whose perpetrators will stop at nothing to hide. In this sprawling political thriller, Ahmed is forced to confront ruthless players. It’s a game where the penalty for failure could be his life.

About the Author

Born in 1978, Ahmed Mourad is a photographer, graphic designer and novelist who has won several awards for his short films. First published in 2007, Vertigo is his first novel.



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