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Focus On 50: Unseen Treasures from the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar

ISBN: 9789992142332
Format: Paperback, 128 pages, 220x170 mm
Published: September 2010
Price: £20



  • Features some of the most amazing masterpieces of the Islamic art world
  • A visually stunning book that showcases just over 50 of the lesser known but remarkable objects from the Museum’s collection

Written by the Museum’s own specialists and illustrated with beautiful general and close-up colour images

Unseen Treasures is a unique look at some of the most exquisite masterpieces of the Islamic art world that have never before been exhibited or published by the Museum. It includes a gorgeously gilded Mamluk glass bucket that once belonged to the Rothschild household, a seven-metre-long Hajj certificate and sublime Safavid silk velvets.

Produced for the Museum of Islamic Art in association with the Qatar Museums Authority, Unseen Treasures is published as part of the celebrations for 2010:Doha, Capital of Arab Culture.